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Our Support for a Great Cause:
CDC Vouchers 2022


What are CDC Vouchers?

The CDC Vouchers Scheme was first launched in June 2020. It is a joint initiative by the five Community Development Councils to assist low-income families while supporting local businesses.


In this year's budget, the scheme is extended to 1.3 million Singaporean households which will receive S$100 in the form of digital vouchers from the Community Development Council (CDC).

The CDC Vouchers Scheme is to thank Singaporeans for their solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic and to support heartland businesses. 

Where can you use CDC Vouchers?

The vouchers will be given in a digital form to make it easier for redemption, reimbursement, and transactions. It will be available for collection digitally from Dec 13, 2021, and can be used till Dec 31, 2022.


All participating heartland merchant shops and hawker stalls will have a CDC voucher decal displayed at their shops.

Look out for the CDC Vouchers Scheme decal displayed at participating merchants.

Claim Your CDC Voucher 

Each household with at least 1 Singaporean will be able to claim $100 in vouchers.

Claim $100 CDC Vouchers for your household here.


You can also visit your CC if you do not have a smartphone or Singpass or need help to claim your vouchers. 


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